• Injection Unit

    • Injection unit's movement is driven by two hydraulic cyliders, providing perfect mould's alignment.
    • Screw drive is operated by high efficiency torque hydro motor. Rotating Injection Piston is hydraulically balanced with the help of thrust bearings.
    • Multi stage process control of injection/holding/charging speed and pressure by linear transducer.
    • suckback and cushion amount display.
    • Screw cold start prevention system.
    • Heater temperature abnormal display and alarm.
    • PID heater temperature control with high responsive to temperature variations enables accurate and stable in processes.
    • Auto material purging saves time in raw material and colouring material changing.

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  • Clamping Unit

    • Robust mechanical structure by five point double toggle.
    • Ensure perfect parallelism of platen, eliminates platen deflection and reduced longitudinal strains.
    • Multi stage control of opening/closing speed and pressure.
    • Automatic mold height adjustment by linear transducer.
    • Multi stage control of ejection speed / pressure by linear transducer.
    • Multi mode of ejector (Hold/Shaking/Multi ejection)
    • Mold protection system helps reduce the risk of mold damage.

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  • General

    • More than 100 mold data memory capacity.
    • Alarm history display and saving.
    • I/O circuit display.
    • Production quantity control and alarm.
    • Auto lubrication device is fully monitored system. A dedicated pump is installed for lubrication of the clamping unit's.
    • Multi pumps for machine above 300 ton.
    • Color display LCD with good clearity.
    • Color display LCD with good clearity.
    • Oil level/temperature alarm display.
    • Hopper throat temperature control device.
    • Easy and convenient access to repair and maintenance overload protection of motor.

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